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Leyla Ziyel

a 'ccent’s Principal  is Leylâ Ziyal,  M Phil, AFBPsS, C Psychol.  She is an HCPC registered Chartered Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist who has extensive training and experience  in clinical psychology, neuropsychology, psychological therapies and business psychology. 

Leylâ completed her postgraduate training at the Institute of Psychiatry, London University and has held senior consultant roles in many teaching hospitals and clinics both in the NHS and in the private sector.

Until recently she held the post of Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist at Partnerships in Care Brain Injury Services, Essex, and before that, until 2009, was Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Deputy Team Co-ordinator for Psychological Therapies in Primary Care at South-West London and St Georges NHS Mental Health Trust.

She is an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society and a member of its Clinical Division.

Leylâ and her team are multi-lingual and culturally aware. They work effectively with clients from different cultures including Turkish, Greek, French, and although less fluently, Italian. They are therefore time and context effective, form close rapport with our clients, engage their alliance and motivation quickly, and help them master the challenges of change quickly and enduringly. 

Leylâ established a in 1992 in London. She moved to Colchester, Essex in 2012 and re-located ahere. However, a's reach extends to areas surrounding Essex as well as to London

Chartered Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist