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Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Meta Cognitive Behaviour Therapy [CBT and MCBT] are the guiding models of our approach.

The fundamental tenet of CBT is that the way we think determines the way we feel and the way we feel determines the way we behave. Figure 01 shows this circular interconnection:


Figure 01: the way we think determines the way we feel and behave

It stands to reason that if we can change the way we think, we can change the way we feel and the way we behave. This, however, involves a therapeutic process of re-structuring.

Our childhood experiences and our past learning have a strong, shaping influence on our thought patterns. This is because the memory of our experiences build one upon another and crytallise into core beliefs about ourselves, about others and about the world as we progress into adulthood.

Core beliefs serve as filters for ongoing experience, causing us to come to conclusions about events automatically. Each of us has a unique stockpile of memories, so the conclusions each of us draws from events vary from person to person, as do the emotions we experience.

Some of our core beliefs generate behavioural and emotional problems. They are formed early on in life as a function of negative experiences and subsequent experiences may reinforce them further. We call them dysfunctional core beliefs

These dysfunctional core beliefs permeate and shape our thought patterns. For example, repeated experiences as a child of inconsistency, harsh criticism, conditional statements of love, might form a core belief in which the person feels "flawed." This dysfunctional core belief then would act as the filter through which the person perceives and interprets a critical event. It would activate negative thoughts about the self, others and the world and lead the person to feel depressed and anxious. Figure 02 shows this sequence:

Core Beliefs

Figure 02 how core beliefs influence the way we see ourselves, others and the world

Our Team of Psychologists at a work with you to identify and to restructure your dysfunctional core-beliefs in a way that extends your mastery of the critical events that have or are taking place in your life. You discover a new resilience that enables you to relate to yourself, to others and to your world, in a new, effective and constructive way.

Chartered Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist