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Group Therapy

Group therapy involves 08 to 10 of our clients working together with one or 02 of a psychologists as facilitators. Group participants and facilitators remain the same for the duration of the therapy. This enables people to work together to identify and to achieve therapy goals, to develop a shared understanding of the special demands that they must address and to formulate shared strategies of managing change events.

The Group develops into a safe forum for members to build genuine relationships, give and receive authentic feedback and extend the range of their personal mastery over the new order that change events have brought about in their world.

The Group process begins with one or more individual assessment sessions in which we explore with each potential group member the nature of their critical experiences and their responses to them. At the end of these exploratory sessions we give each potential participant detailed feedback on our findings and propose a CBT-based group-therapeutic framework that will be most effective in enabling them to achieve their goals, regain their sense of being an autonomous agent in the theatre of their lives and to answer effectively the special demands that their world has placed upon them.

If, as a potential member, you agree to our proposals then you meet the other participants and our group work begins. We hold once-weekly Group sessions that last 02 hours. Group therapy time-frame is between 15-18 sessions for anxiety and depression Groups. The time-frame for Brain Injury CBT and Cognitive Retraining Groups is 40-60 sessions. The Group will hold progress review sessions in which members track their gains and plan future sessions. During these review sessions, the group may propose to shorten or to extend therapy frames

Chartered Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist