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Consultancy strand of advising on and developing clinical strategies

The overarching purpose of our consultancy project work is to help patient-centred organisations deliver the service configuration that will most time-effectively meet the clinical, therapeutic, rehabilitative and care needs of their patients.

Our project specialities include:

1. Service design, development and implementation from admission to discharge incorporating phasing, time-lining, goal-setting and progress reviews

2. Building and developing Multi-disciplinary Clinical Teams to deliver coherent goal-driven treatment strategies, to engage in effective progress evaluation, outcome interpretation and phase planning

3. Building and developing Senior Management Teams to formulate relevant and coherent service and patient strategies that are aligned to the needs and concerns of their work force and their patients

4. Developing enabling and inclusive organisation cultures to achieve ownership, involvement and initiative throughout all organisation members

5. Work Stress Reduction through the identification of occupational stressors and the design and implementation of targeted stress reduction solutions

Our project work begins with a detailed Needs Analysis of our client organisation that incorporates gap analyses between actuality in the here-and-now and vision of the future. Figure 01 displays the frame-work of our approach.


Figure 01: Our consultancy frame-work

The framework in Figure 01 depicts a process that increases the effectiveness with which organisations attain their objectives through creating the opportunity for participants to:

  • Develop cohesion and synergy by reacquainting themselves with each other in new and constructive ways
  • Remain aligned with day-to-day needs and priorities by seeing the big picture whilst simultaneously keeping sight of operational and tactical demands
  • Harness optimal effectiveness by going through a realistic task allocation that plays to participants’ strengths
  • Enable valid evaluation of achievements by advance definition of criteria of success
  • Envision further future strategies by incorporating next-step planning
Chartered Consultant Clinical Neuropsychologist